RAKAWC has joined 15 Outdoor activities, Markets, 1 Adventure & Events in the past 2 months (December & November) .

These activities were in contribution with public and private sectors, the (events & Activities) are the main channel between RAKAWC team and RAK community, it is a channel to spread our main message for raising the awareness of Animal welfare and an opportunity to interact with RAK residents from different cultures and backgrounds who shares one big Love to Animals , in such activities we introduce them to RAKAWC main Role and programs which covers the Emirate Of Ras Al Khaimah.

The activities were diverse
(Fundraising Events, Adoption Days, Food & Craft Market, Saqer public Park New opening, Dutch Community Gathering, Duhaisa Stables Activities , Human K9 Challenge&More). In the last two months RAKAWC Team have welcomed new volunteers,sponsors and friends who believe in social responsibility , community service, and helped us in organizing all our activities and programs.

We finished this year with “very happy ending” for us as RAKAWC by meeting all of our new friends, wishing that 2016 will open more doors with different horizons for us to continue our success in our programs and accomplish our mission with our values and ethics towards Animals.

Our Plan for the beginning of 2016 is to focus on our educational Program to raise the awareness of Animal welfare for all levels. We will also be preparing and training for RAK-Half Marathon, this year we were so lucky to have 9 solo runners and 1 Team from our Staff, Friends and volunteers! If you feel that you want to be part of it please visi

Thanks For all our friends and sponsors who opened the doors for us our special Thanks to
( Public works & Service department RAK ,Al Dahaisa Stable , Uschi Mahl , Al-Hamra Market , Human K9 Challenge "Hussain Hussam Darwish ")