Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre


Our animals need you!
Your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. This is especially true when you choose to volunteer with animals in need, who treasure companionship above all else. The animals love to meet new people and to interact with you, it helps them develop into well socialised and adoptable pets.

Although we are govenment-funded and have a number of paid staff, we still rely heavily on volunteers to help run the daily operations of our centre.
For example, without our volunteers:
  • - There would be no educational program
    - Animals in our care would lack the much-needed extra attention and exercise they currently receive
    - The galleries of our adoptable animals would not be updated regularly with professional photos and spot on write-ups
    - Designs on our Facebook page, flyers and banners would not exist
Please click on the link for an up to date overview of volunteer vacancies.
What RAK AWC can offer you
Apart from the great satisfaction of helping to improve the lives of our dogs and cats, you will also receive:
  • - An induction, which includes a tour of the centre, a job description, as well as a manual with basic information about our procedures
    - The opportunity to be part of the RAK AWC family, joining us in organised events, coffee mornings and activities like running the RAK Half Marathon together
    - A chance to give back to your community by supporting the welfare of animals in Ras Al Khaimah
    - Work experience in the non-profit sector and the opportunity to grow your professional portfolio
Just a couple of hours a week devoted to making life better for our furry friends can be an amazingly enriching experience for both you and the animals. 

Who we are looking for
We need a self-starter who, after an introduction, is not afraid of taking initiative. We would like someone who is willing to offer their time and skills to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the centre. Someone who is willing to make a commitment to the centre and the animals in its care. We are also looking for a friendly person, who will get on with our animals, our staff and our other volunteers. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. If this description sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!

What can you do if you are under 16 years of age?
Many children love animals and would like to help to make a difference. Those who are under 16 years can visit the centre and socialise with our animals under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult. This will provide us with valuable information on how our animals behave around children, too. If the children are too young or otherwise unable to handle the animals with the necessary care, they can still do a lot to care for our animals. Collecting items that are needed at the centre like newspapers, dog and cat toys and treats, or organising fundraising events at school are just a few examples of what a child can do to support our animals.

Join us and sign up!
You can join our volunteer community by filling out the volunteer application form and sending it to info@rakawc.com. We will then contact you and arrange a convenient time to meet with you and to show you around the centre. 

Unable to volunteer, but want to help?

If you are unable to volunteer, but do want to support us, you can still do so by sharing our Facebook posts, spreading the word about our work, attending our events, donating goods or money or by fundraising for us (donations). For more information, contact Admin Manager Tania info@rakawc.com or 050 4321 872.