Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre



"Once I found out about RAK Animal Welfare Centre and I met Dr Chenjerai, their hospitality was amazing. I was really impressed with Dr Chenjerai's knowledge about dogs and diseases and I felt really comfortable dealing with him. The Centre provides modern equipment and techniques for animal treatments that no other place in RAK offers. All the staff in the Centre is professional, punctual and have a great attitude. They provided us with high quality service, and were really friendly towards the dogs and other animals, as I saw the cats too. I recommend RAK Animal Welfare Centre to everyone, it's the place where you really trust your animals to be treated well - and hygienic."

Colonel Khaled Hamad Mohammed Al Merri, Head of the K9 unit at the RAK Police


"The RAKAWCvet clinic has that fusion of the right people and facilities that make a practice great - you know your animals are in experienced and caring hands"

Kylie Mohseni, founder of the Bin Kitty Collective


"Dr Chenjerai and his team at the RAK Animal Welfare Centre have played a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of our population of indigenous gazelles (Gazella Arabica & Gazella subgutturosa marica) as well as our Endangered Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucory), which through his continued support and watch full eye, has seen a 100% survival rate of the 6 births in the last 15 months. When medical issues arise, Dr. Chenjerai is just a phone call away for advice, never hesitating to come and treat if needed. Thank you Dr. Chenjerai, Banyan Tree Al Wadi Nature Reserve & its humble but growing population of wildlife is very grateful!”

Ryan Ingram, Head Nature Reserve and Recreation at Banyan Tree Al Wadi


"We are very grateful to Dr. Chenjerai for literally saving our beloved dog when he got poisoned and was close to die. We called Dr. Chenjerai around midnight and he was ready to help immediately. We drove to the clinic in RAKAWC, where everything was already prepared for us by a very nice assistant who was woken up and instructed by the Doctor while on the way to the Clinic. We spent 2 hours there in the night trying to save our dog. Doctor Chenjerai knew perfectly well what needed to be done and was very quick and professional. Our dog caused a real mess in the clinic, but nobody complained and the clinic staff cleaned after us by themselves immediately. The dog was left there over night and we could collect him next day. If not for Dr. Chenjerai, our baby would be dead. No words would be enough to express our gratitude. All our animals are Dr. Chenjerai's clients and we are not going to change our mind about it!!! And by the way the prices in RAKAWC are cheaper when compared to other vet services in RAK. We would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a professional and high quality care for your pets."

The Katzer family


“We have been waiting more than ten years for an institution as professional and caring as the RAK AWC and a vet as experienced and qualified as Dr. Chenjerai ! Not to mention the nurses and staff, who have shown much effort and knowledge as well. After our six compound cats and the watchman’s dog have been treated at the RAK AWC and our beloved tom cat left in their protection for medical treatment, we can’t imagine any better place. Dr. Chenjerai has been most dedicated! He was always approachable, caring and very knowledgeable, making it possible to catch even our most difficult cat for treatment with the help of a blow-pipe anesthesia. We don’t know of a comparable institution in Germany, combining both, the care for abandoned or feral animals AND qualified medical treatment (ambulant and long term) under one roof. Not to mention Dr. Chenjerai’s professional equipment in his clinic, including an X-ray machine. Furthermore the centre is not just tidy and clean, but also visually very inviting despite its difficult surrounding. We cannot imagine our animals,and us, to be without Dr. Chenjerai and the RAK AWC again.”

Imke Moellering & Christian Velde, Archaeologists, Government of Ras al-Khaimah, Department of Antiquities and Museums


"I have had pets since I was born. Therefore I have got to known many vets, but Dr Chenjerai is one of the most loving and caring vets I have ever met. His attitude of working and his attitude of treating animals and pet owners are truly amazing! His skills are excellent and the thing I like the most about him is that you can see that he simply loves what he is doing."

Tina Seger

"Dr. Chenjerai is one of the best. It was 12:30 midnight when my dog got poisoned and I called him in the clinic and he never thought twice. Thanks to the doctor for his fast response, my dog is healthy and well after four hours of suffering."

Lumi Maria